YMHT+ explores Alaska with Gnani…



The Alaska trip was my first jatra with Pujyashree, and I am definitely looking forward to many more! The warm, cheerful atmosphere was what made this trip so unique. Travelling with mahatmas is infinitely more rewarding than travelling alone because I wouldn’t have been able to meet new people, sing pads on the bus, dance to garba on the cruises, or eat dinner in Pujyashree’s presence anywhere else. The positive vibrations made the hectic itinerary so relaxing and refreshing. At every city we visited, the locals told us how lucky we were to have good weather, but we knew it wasn’t luck that brought the warm weather: it was Pujyashree’s presence. The beautiful Alaskan landscape was so much more beautiful in the company of mahatmas.

-Preeyal Patel
(New Jersey, YMHT+)


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