How Well Do You Know Our NCC?



Let us understand history, roles and responsibilities of National Coordination Committee (NCC).

Seeds & History of NCC :

National Coordination Committee, earlier known as NWC- National Working Committee & NEC- National Executive Committee, is actually a national level working committee. It was formed in 2009 and its formation was endorsed by Pujyashree.  The NCC members therein were Shirishbhai, Chandravadanbhai, Rahulbhai and Kamalbhai. The NCC was expanded in 2010 with inclusion of Sudhirbhai and in 2015 four more members- Asitbhai, Gauravbhai, Alpaben and Umakantbhai- were added to strengthen the regional and younger mahatma representation.

Function (Role and Responsibilities) :

As a coordinating arm of DBVI, the NCC helps in various national activities of DBVI in USA and Canada. It helps in coordinating Pujyashree’s visit, encouraging satsang activities in all centers, coordinating Guru Purnima, executing special projects such as construction of Trimandir, etc. and many more.


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