New Jersey Trimandir Ground Breaking Ceremony : How did it Happen?



The first ever Non-Sectarian Trimandir of North America will be built in New Jersey. The Groundbreaking ceremony event of the temple was held in New Jersey from July 3 to July 6, 2015.

The entire event was initially organized at the Trimandir site. However, just one week before the event, it was brought to the notice of the event organizing committee that the celebration of the event was not possible at the Trimandir site due to some unforeseen situation.

In a matter of few days, the team came up with an alternative plan to carry out the event. Fortunately, the team was able to procure an alternate site for the event and resolve all critical issues at the site in time. Not only that, but the team was also able to execute the actual Groundbreaking ceremony at the Trimandir site, by procuring required temporary permit just two days before the event. The team truly experienced the grace of Dada-Ma and Dev-Devio to successfully execute the event in the presence of Pujyashree and about 1500 Mahatmas. Light rain showers soon followed after the ceremony was accomplished.

Despite a major change encountered a few days before the event, Groundbreaking ceremony event became a true example of great teamwork. About 200 mahatmas provided Seva with unbelievable dedication. The day before the ground-breaking event, Mahatmas worked without lights, and used cell phone lights to decorate and prepare the venue. Few Mahatmas stayed at the Trimandir site to direct visitors to the alternate venue. All team members did their best to complement each other and find solutions to the problems.


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