Teen Scene : 21 Day Challange


Every year, the YMHT coordinators across the nation organize a series of sessions specifically  for the youth, from ages 12 to 18, which take place simultaneous to Pujyashree’s satsang. The daily agenda for these sessions consist of reading, discussions, creative applications, and group activities. This year, the theme for YMHT was Ahimsa.

After reading a passage from Dada’s Non-Violence (Ahimsa) book, the youth engaged in deep conversations in which they not only shared personal experiences related to the topic, but also explored ways they could implement Ahimsa into their daily lives. The youth also participated in a mindful eating meditation, understanding at a deeper level how mindful eating can be beneficial to one’s health and to practice non-violence. The final session concluded with a life-sized crossword puzzle game that “tested” how much about Ahimsa the youth truly learned, but more importantly, allowed the youth to bond and work together while having fun.

But this year, the sessions didn’t end just there. The coordinators decided to try something new, something that would have a lasting impact on the youth even after GP, and that would reinforce what they learned, in the form of a challenge: The 21 Ahimsa Challenge. Research shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit, or implement a new one. Through this 21-day challenge, the coordinators aspired to help the youth continue incorporating and applying Dada’s gnan about Ahimsa on a daily basis. Using three social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and daily emails from Kindspring.org, the youth received their daily challenges, and were asked to reflect and share their experiences. This forum successfully allowed the youth to gain daily inspiration to build upon, develop, and integrate the practice of Ahimsa, while staying connected with the larger YMHT community.


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