Diwali Celebrations


Diwali Celebrations in North America

Across North America, the Dadabhagwan group celebrated Diwali. Spanning from East coast NJ center to the West coast LA center, all centers enjoyed diwali festivities with their fellow satsangees. ‘Annakuts’ were organized in several centers such as Chicago, Northern California, LA, Dallas, Raleigh and Richmond, VA.

In words of a Mahatma reporting from Chicago, “Diwali 2015 was celebrated in Hoffman Estates on November 7th, 2015.  Mahatmas from different areas joined with such a great excitement. Mahatmas made various dishes for annakut. More than 40 dishes were offered.  LMHT and YMHT mahatmas did a beautiful rangoli. Diwali satsang included vidhi, puja, aarti, vcd and prasad, it was concluded with jagat kalyaan ni bhavna. Overall it was a wonderful satsang with many wonderful memories!”

Mahatma from Raleigh reporting, “Diwali Annakut at Mahatma house in Raleigh. Some 110+ mahatmas and mumukhus came. Had wonderful time doing bhakti, satsang and eating lots of food. All food was home made by mahatma benos with lot of Bhaav.”

The pad “Ajwaalo Aatma Deepmala Ae Aa Divya Diwali” resonated in the mind of all mahatmas.

With great zeal and enthusiasm, celebrations led to the feeling of oneness and created a great bond between fellow mahatmas.


Diwali Celebrations – Pictures Slideshow from various centers


Diwali Celebrations in Raleigh, NC


Diwali Celebrations in Virginia


Diwali Celebrations in Dallas, TX

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