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LMHTs – Little Mahatmas – an endearing term that makes every kids feel special to be part of something great. It is part of GNC (Gnani ni Chayama which consists of Baby MHT, Little MHT, YMHT boys & girls).

GNC Vision Statement: 

‘માતાની હુંફ’ અને ‘જ્ઞાનીનો પ્રેમ’ આપણે પોઝીટીવ રહીને, આવનાર પ્રત્યેક બાળકને પમાડીયે.

Overview of LMHT

LMHT activities have taken place off and on since the time of Niruma. However, an organized based LMHT activities in parallel to weekly satsangs started around 2008 – 2009. Since then, LMHT activities have Steadily increased. What started out as learning to speak and understand Trimantra, has grown into so much more.

There are currently 17 LMHT centers of which five have started within last four years. Around 88 LMHTs participate regularly in weekly or periodic kids’ satsang sessions. Full details of numbers of centers and their participants can be found in the below chart. Further details of LMHT demographics including LMHTs per center, boys/girls ratio, and LMHT Coordinators can be found in the linked presentation. LMHT Demographic Presentation LINK


Various Levels of LMHT Activities

LMHTs do periodic satsangs from specially formulated LMHT sessions. These sessions include Dada’s vignan from kids’ view, learning about other religions, major religious holidays of India and its significance. Kids also learn basics of Akram Vignan such as Trimantra, Nav Kalam, Aarti, singing Dada’s pads and much more. Some centers have also initiated teaching kids how to read and write Gujarati in order to strengthen their base as it is important to understand Dada’s vignan in its native tongue and at the same time bring them closer to their roots.

In the past, kids have collaborated regionally during special events such as Niruma’s Punya Tithi. Memories of some of these events can been seen in this photo/video gallery.

For non mahatma kids, in 2011, multiple three-four Kids Camps were launched in heavily Indian communities within New Jersey.

We have many other activities lined up for kids which we initiated in anticipation of GP 2016 and plan to continue beyond the event. Do not forget to view our next periodic newsletter to see what we have lined up for kids and LMHT Coordinators/volunteers alike. Ok. We will give you a hint. It involves singing…….

Benefits of LMHT Activities on a Grand Level

LMHT is a moral value based program that explains Dada’s Vignan to kids. The program lays strong foundation of  cultural heritage, moral values and virtues of an ideal human being in kids by demonstrating it via real world scientific experiments and associating them with Dada’s vignan.

The Result…………………

It ties greater bonding between kids and each individual they meet throughout their life may that be friends, teachers, elders or community as a whole. Through various exercises and experiments, they understand  how to treat everyone around them as they would  like to be treated. Furthermore, learning at a very early stage how to differentiate wrong from right, they build a strong spiritual understanding which help them deal with any issues in life. Hence, LMHTs have developed greater resistance to protect themselves against self-destructive behaviors (suicide, smoking, and drug and alcohol abuse, for example), and have less stress and a greater total life satisfaction. When difficulties arise within family or in their surroundings where kids feel no control over the situations, Dada’s Gnan help them adjust and understand easily and in turn even help adults in their lives to follow and practice Dada’s principles to overcome feeling of helplessness and regain sense of control.

The list of advantages of LMHT satsangs are endless. However, we would like to give you glimpse of of few:

  • Greater ability to adjust in school environment
  • Stay away from Kusang in all environment
  • Easier for parents/kids to deal with each other as kids receive Dada’s understanding from very early on
  • Morality and sincerity are instilled
  • Fostering creativity and positivity
  • Learn true manav dharma – Do on to others as you would like to be done to yourself
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Distinguish right from wrong
  • How to deal with bullies and how not to become a bully

Satsang with Aptaputra

In recent years, the visits from Aptaputras have been also beneficial to LMHTs. In some centers LMHT satsangs were organized and kids had opportunity to ask questions to Aptaputra bhio. Aptaputra bhaio were equally happy to see kids in North America growing with basic concepts of Dada’s gnan as well as their curiosity to know and understand about Mahavideh Kshetra and Simandhar Swami.

Activities at Gurupurnima

New Jersey Gurupurnima 2010 marked the Initiation of organized Cultural programs and special activities such as Children’s World. It also marked the beginning of kids satsang sessions in parallel to Pujya Deepakbhai’s sastangs with mahatmas at a Gurupurnima.

Puppet shows performed by LMHTs and YMHTs of Toronto have been integral part of many of the past Gurupurnima.

LMHT activities have progressed with each Gurupurnima following 2010. Here are few key landmark events for each of the Gurupurnimas:


Activities are result of contributions from many sevarthis who work heartily throughout the year in planning Gurupurnima activities. Here are few of the GP planning areas.


Want to be involved in LMHT activities?

Do you want to start LMHT activities in your center?

Do you want to volunteer working with kids?

Are you busy or in remote areas and still want to provide seva from comfort of your home?


Contact us at Kids@us.dadabhagwan.org or call 1-877-505-DADA (3232) ext. 14

LMHT Activities:

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