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LMHT (Little Mahatma) GP 2016 Activities and Initiatives

Each Gurupurnima LMHT volunteers try various innovative ways to keep LMHTs engaged in Dada’s vignan and principles at kids’ level. This year was no different.

Welcome Ceremony: The grand welcome ceremony started with big bangs of dhols and kids dressed up in winter wonderland costumes. The kids were sitting on each side of the path covered in red carpet as Pujya Deepakbhai followed kids carrying Pujya Dada and Niruma’s photo in a hand made Palakhi.

Sessions: In parallel to mahatma satsangs, kids session activities took place with over 200 participants who learned about Obligations of Parents, Kharo Buddhishali Kaun and Nishpakshpati Trimandir. They also enjoyed various fun games and yoga.



Dada’s Vision Expo: Excellent presentation by LMHT in Toronto

GP. It was created with inside details of important landmarks of Simandhar city and ATPL using simple craft material.

Click down here to see the slideshow of Expo:


Cultural Program: Kids performed dances to pads from GNC (Gnani ni Chaya) CDs and took part in short plays based on Dada’s life experiences, each of which depicted a lesson learned at the end.


Scavenger Hunt: Kids had become little detectives for three days and had fun searching for posters scattered across GP Hotel via clues given to them.


Puppet Shows: As the continued tradition of every Gurupurnima, Toronto youth performed puppet shows on Misery to Happiness and Hakuna Matata. Due to its success and high demand, the shows were performed again the next day in kids session rooms which kids enjoyed thoroughly.

Youth Volunteers: One of our biggest blessings and help has been the growing crowd of youth who were absolutely amazing, taking care of kids during Gnan Vidhi day so mahatma volunteers could sit through gnan vidhi.

Check out this slideshow of LMHT GP activities:


What does LMHT Mean to me?: We asked kids, parents, grandparents and volunteers alike to say in one sentence what LMHT meant to them. We received many wonderful responses which have been put together in the video.

Check it out:


New Initiatives

LMHT Online Registration: With help from DBVI tech team, GP 2016 marked the beginning of online LMHT registration system for better tracking, avoiding delays on the first day of GP, kids’ allergy related info and much more.

Choir: A new activity of singing in choir format was planned to be executed at GP 2016. For this activity, kids joined regularly via zoom to practice. Despite the lyrics being difficult, kids sung with bhaav and perfection and captivated satsang hall full of mahatmas. You would be surprised to learn that the lead singer who sang with perfection was of South Indian descent and Gujarati was not her native language.

LMHT Web Satsang for North America kids: With positive results of kids joining regularly for the choir practice, a new initiative was announced at GP 2016 to unite kids across America and Canada to be active throughout the year. The first LMHT Web Satsang took place via Zoom platform on August 12th 2016 with a surprise call from Pujya Deepakbhai doing vidhi and giving words of encouragement to continue such activities.



Want your child (age 5-12) be part of the LMHT Web Satsang? Please email @LMHTWebSatsang@us.dadabhagwan.org.

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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