WMHT/MMHT Retreat – A Fun-Filled Gnan Treat!



WMHT West Coast Shibir

A WMHT retreat was organized on West Coast at the same time as when North East retreat was organized. The retreat was attended by 26 behnos from LA and San Jose. The group rented 2 houses in Big Bear venue to spend delightful 3 days. The activities involved playing games like real and relative, hiking, etc. besides the regular Dada activities.

The retreat enhanced the abhedtaa between the behno mahatmas thereby inculcating a feeling of oneness.

South East MMHT National Shibir 2016

During 13th to 16th Oct 2016, around 110 Married Mahatmao gathered for MMHT shibir at Boone, NC. Mahatmas travelled from all over US as well as from Canada.

The shibir was for two and half days and was filled with various activities like watching Brahmacharya DVD, Samayik, Aptputra Satsang, Pujyashree Ashirvad Vidhi, Garba, Interactive sessions, Games, Group Discussions, Outing, Tracking, etc.

The entire facility was designed with Vastu Shatra principles focusing Brahmcharya. Home grown organic vegetables were used in serving food to mahatmas. Included :

Mahatma experience was fortified by serene atmosphere provided by Art of living ashram and Appalachian Mountain. Day used to start with yoga session alongside darshan of rising sun from the horizon. Mahatmas also enjoyed walking on mountain trails, visiting nearby river fall as well as playing volleyball during the break time. They all agreed to meet again next year in Chicago for shibir.

Click below to check out images captured on spot by our news reporters at WMHT and MMHT shibirs :


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