JJ One Hundred and Nine : How We Celebrated The Day Divine!



We pray to the Lord on our birthdays. How fortunate are we to be able to celebrate the Lord’s birthday and be blessed with immense glory as well?!

Thousands of Mahatmas joined in the grand celebration of Param Pujya Dadabhagwan’s 109th Janmajayanti in Valsad, in the presence of Pujyashri and subtle presence of Dada-Ma and Dev-Devio. About thousands of miles away, Janmajayanti was celebrated with equal enthusiasm in their subtle presence, across different centers of North America.

The sacred day celebration in various centers included Vidhi, Poojan, Aarti and Special DVD/Live Janmajayanti webcast. Cake cutting was a special highlight amongst little Mahatmas. Special Bhakti was organized in few centers to celebrate the happy occasion. LMHT and YMHT boys and girls of New Jersey center rehearsed and sang a pad for this special occasion. Raleigh center organized a unique Samayik on 5 Agnas with group discussion. On this auspicious day, Mahatmas sought blessings of Dadabhagwan and asked for strength to overcome all obstacles on the path of ultimate liberation.

Let’s relive the blissful moments of that divine day and witness the joyful Mahatmas and little Mahatmas in this wonderful video of Janmajayanti celebration!

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