Mahatma Corner : A personal Experience, Dilse!


Akram Vignan has transformed our lives and showed us the path of eternal happiness and inner peace. I have no words to express my gratitude to Dadaji for giving me this priceless gift of Self-Realization. Today, I would like to share my miraculous experience of Gnan with you all……

My journey with Akram Vignan began in 2011. Though I was the first one to realize the importance of Gnan, fortunately all members of my family took Gnan-Vidhi. And our lives changed completely after that.

Before, Gnan-Vidhi there was an insurmountable amount of suffering within our family due to internal clashes. However, Gnan-Vidhi lifted off that heaviness and instilled inner peace within us.

We saw about 180 degree change in my father. His violent anger dissolved. My father suffered a paralytic stroke after about six months of taking Gnan. Even though I was very attached to my father, I remained unaffected from within when I saw him in the hospital.

He was bedridden for about two years. We, as a family, took care of him, without any grudge for his past mistakes. When he passed away, we were sad, but unaffected from within. I had felt the presence of Dadaji that time, and am deeply comforted by the feeling that my father had samdhi mrutyu.

I had lot of abhorrence for my family members, which I cleared through pratikraman and samayik. My brother who had lot of hatred for me, is now very affectionate towards me.

Gnan is a miracle in my life!

— Rashmi Arora, Chicago Center

I was not particularly looking for anything in spirituality. As a matter of fact, I was an atheist and was a non-believer of God due to many reasons. My core belief was that God is not the creator and he or she does not control anything. People were simply scared of his/her presence under the influence of many religions. I was always more inclined towards the practical side of everything and was a big fan of physicist Paul Davies.

In 2006, I interacted with Pujyashree and we spoke about my beliefs and many other things. Pujyashree answered some questions and asked me to meet him that evening at dinner time. We talked for about 45 minutes and not a single question was asked by me, but something changed within me. I started pursuing Akram Vignan right from that moment. One can say that I became a fan of our spiritual scientist – Dada. Upon listening to satsangs, I firmly believed that this is the true path for everything. What happens in your next life doesn’t matter, if you do not believe in it, but your current life is like heaven on earth.

I started my seva in 2007 and am always holding the fort whenever any seva is available in any center any department. I still think that seva is going to be the ultimate tool for knowing your kashay within. Akram Vignan by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan is ultimate and is a step by step manual to advance yourself towards ultimate salvation.

I am still a small child to understand but each day I progress a little towards my goal.

Mehul na Laghuttam Bhave JSCA.

– – Mehul Patel, Raleigh

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