Our Dear Krish Nair : Remembering our Little Hero


In this edition, we have a very sensitive story for you all mahatmas. Our 10 year old LMHT member Krish Nair is no longer with us but has set an example for everyone that Dada’s gnan can enrich our lives and death!

On February 21, 2017, Krish was pronounced brain dead at 11:55 AM. Even though the doctors mentioned on day 1 that day by day all his organs would stop working, he fought hard and proved them all wrong. All his organs continued to work perfectly. His family decided to donate his organs for the betterment of other sick children in need, and save other families from experiencing the suffering of losing a loved one.

As a result of this, Krish continued to remain on the ventilator until Friday February 24, 2017. His heart and kidney went to another 10 year old child who was really sick. Rest of his organs including his other kidney, liver, intestines and pancreas saved 3 additional lives. His eyes will be used to give eyesight to someone who has never been able to see.

Krish attended LMHT satsang and started applying Dada’s gnan in the last 2-3 years in his day to day life.

The day before he fell ill, he happened to be in a store with his dad and ran into 3 boys from his school who used to bully and tease him.  Krish’s dad told him, “We will take care of these boys later.” Krish got very serious and corrected his father by saying, “Don’t you know we are not supposed to harm any one according to Dada’s gnan?”.

He would make sure that no insects or ants are harmed around him.  He asked his parents to stop using pesticides.

Krish had amazing self control.  He stopped eating eggs since last GP and would check the label before eating any baked goodies, ice cream or donuts.  At birthday parties he would not eat cakes.  He would even discourage his family members and his friends from consuming anything with eggs in it.

Siddharth (Sid) is Krish’s older brother.  He is 8 years older than Krish.  Here’s what Sid had to say about Krish being in gnan all the time:

“He’d always see the pure soul in a person no matter if they liked him or not. At such an age, he’d sometimes teach me and help me by telling me what’s best to do”.

None of us know what life has in store tomorrow for us but what matters is how we approach our lives today. What matters is how we treat people today and how we focus on staying in gnan as much as we can, to benefit the most out of this precious gift that we have received from Dada. Sometimes we as adults forget it but kids due to their innocence preserve it and are able to apply it in their own little ways!

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