Niruma's Punyathithi


This year Niruma Punyatithi was celebrated with the same fanfare in each center. Niruma’s presence was felt by many and her life and seva for Dada gave inspiration to existing as well as new mahatmas. Her immense selfless love for all the mahatmas has and will always be motivating to progress ahead in the path of Moksh.

Mostly all centers did the regular festivities with many mahatmas as participants, enjoying her favorite speciality Khichu, having LMHT sing pad, etc.

Raleigh center celebrated Niruma Punyatithi in an innovative way. Mahatmas were tested for their knowledge of Niruma’s Journey of Life by answering on Kahoot Web portal. Dhwani from LMHT hosted this event. Mahatmas enjoyed this fun packed activity. Youth group created excellent posters and 6 ft. picture frames called Journey of Life from Birth to Dehvilay.

Noon time was packed with new and old mahatma interactions and bhakti and mahatmas reviewed the posters.

It is always a pleasure to experience the various different ways in which mahatmas exhibit their affection for Niruma on this important day.

Jai Sat chit Anand!

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