Champaign Diwali Satsang : What was so unique?



This year we wanted to do something unique in Diwali satsang of Champaign One of the WC members suggested that we should perform drama during Diwali satsang. We researched some common issues of US families from US and other satsang questions. We reviewed many clips and decided to cover common issue like “Stress” ,“Anger” ,” Kids spending time on Video game and TV” “Arguments between husband and wife” etc.  Initially we decided to show that in 3 steps as below.

  1. How family was handling situation before Dada’s satsang and Gnan.
  2. Video clip about solution provided by Dada/Niruma/Pujyashree.
  3. How the family react to same situation after satsang and Gnan.

We tried to cover many scenarios in small drama. In first episode it included below issues of family.

  1. Waking up late
  2. Weakness in handling traffic situation
  3. Complaining about life and God
  4. Anger on Kid
  5. Anger on wife
  6. Arguments between husband and wife
  7. Ego, Suppress wife and children.
  8. Weakness in adjustment
  9. Weakness in avoiding clashes

Due to a  very short period of time we were not able to short list all satsang clips but we explained verbally between two episodes. In second episode it included following Dada’s gnan.

  1. Application and benefit of “Unodari”
  2. Appreciate God’s creation and enjoy weather in adverse condition
  3. Adjust everywhere
  4. Interact with kids with love.
  5. Vyavasthit after it happens
  6. Five Agna’s importance
  7. Importance of Dada’s key like, “Banyu Te  Nyay”, “Adjust Everywhere” , Bhogave Teni Bhul”,  “Avoid Clashes”

Our attempt was to make the drama hilarious and funny! All mahatmas at Diwali satsang enjoyed it, hope you all enjoy it too! We wish all of you use these Dada’s Golden Keys to resolve your day to day life problems!!

We welcome your suggestions to cover other issues in future drama. Please provide your input and feedback by emailing @


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