LMHT Puppet Show – A Fun Watch!



Albert Einstein once said “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Our children have the imagination. All they need is wings to explore this imagination. Fastening these wings was exactly what the LMHT program at DBF foundation offered, when they came up with fun and learn concept to instill core values in the young genius.

After lot of brainstorming, a marvelous idea arrived “How about puppets” as they stimulate imagination with storytelling while building up a complex character. When kids use puppets to enact stories, they put their artistic acumen to work and engage in deep comprehension thinking as well!

Young minds break down complex Dadashri’s principles in very simple, funny and entertaining tales. They choose various popular movie or main stream characters in their tales and unwind their creative journey to relay messages like “Adjust Everywhere”, Positivity,  Misery To Happiness and many more.

Children love slapstick humor and lots of animation. Young mind picks the concept, characters, storyline, humor punches, and then engage in countless hours of practice. Giggles and smiles lifts the hearts of performers/puppeteers when the roars of appreciation from audience is heard at GP or any cultural events; It is all worth it.

If you have any doubts come see a live show in Jacksonville, FL July 25th, 2019. 2-4 pm EST Grand Ball Room.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some of the puppet shows on out kids’ site.



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