YMHT+ Center Spotlight: YOUnity in YMHT+ GP18



With Dada’s grace and the support from the Southeast GP Core Team, the YMHT+ have been at the forefront of the planning & execution phases for this year’s GP–for the first time ever! There may be no “core” team, per se,uniting this coming of age team of jagat kalyanis, but do not be fooled. The vast array of meetings this group of individuals has hopped onto since the past year demonstrates the commitment of the YMHT+ team to seva and also represents the thread of unity that weaves them together…not to mention the dozens of WhatsApp threads they’ve so eagerly accepted to join to ensure transparency in communication and enthusiasm in participation! Nothing short of Dada’s Champions is this mighty team that is working diligently from all over the world to make this year’s Gurupurnima an unforgettable one.


From decorations to hospitality, A/V to hall management, YMHT to YMHT+ activities and even more,the youth are bringing to you their talent, passion, and bhaav (purest desire) to give Seva (volunteering for Dada’s mission) and making sure that, from beginning to end, GP is smooth and free of clashes between other mahatmas. Our secret to that is eating lots of ice cream and laughing until our stomachs hurt. [Just Kidding!]

Given that this team is young and hails from a more modern era, we can assure you that you will be in for a few surprises this GP! Without giving away too much detail, let’s just say, we’re going “Under the Sea” this year.

We have already begun our countdown to GP, and we look forward to seeing you and serving you all there! #YOUnityINYMHT+

YMHT+ Welcomes YOU!

If you would like to hear about any upcoming YMHT+ activities, engaging in Seva at GP2018, or if you are interested in finding out more about joining your local YMHT+ center activities, feel free to contact us at ymhtplus@us.dadabhagwan.org.


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