Aptaputra Visit – A Blissful Experience!



This time around, Aptaputras’ visit wasn’t restricted to only indoor sessions, but instead centers such as Toronto, Houston and Chicago arranged for outdoor visits. Toronto almost had a retreat type session with Aptaputras at Niagara Falls.

Buses were arranged to visit Niagara Falls and Aptaputras accompanied mahatmas in the bus. Exchanges between mahatmas and Aptaputras took place on all topics ranging from Dada’s first visit to USA to gnan keys to encouraging mahatmas to attend satsangs and shibirs such as GP, JJ111, etc.

Despite some cold weather, mahatmas kept on the enthusiasm, prepared food at Niagara Falls and took Aptaputras for a boat and helicopter ride. The outdoor event made it a fun experience for all, including kids.

Each year mahatmas benefit tremendously from Aptaputras’ visit to enhance their knowledge and retain keys to stay in gnan and progress towards their ultimate destination.


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