Columbia Gnan Vidhi Experience: First step into the World of gnan


My family members are Dada’s Mahatmas for a long time now. They are also very active in local satsang activity as well.

Gnan vidhi is a bridge between being an aspirant and being a mahatma.  As a result, my family was urging me to take gnan for quite some time. I was finally blessed to partake gnan vidhi this past July in Columbia, South Carolina. I had missed some opportunities in the past and this one was not to be missed.

I want to take opportunity to share my experience before and after gnan. In a session just before gnan vidhi, Dimplebhai clearly explains what gnan Vidhi is all about. It clarifies the process and purpose of gnan vidhi. It clears many doubts and puts the participants at ease.

Pujyashri comes in and presides over the Vidhi and the process of transformation begins. The vidhi is accomplished in an hour.  I can’t put it in mundane words, but something very powerful happens deep within. As some aspirants might expect, the vidhi has no connection to any apparent magic that might happen instantaneously during or soon after taking gnan.

However, the real magic has happened in my life by applying five Agnas. There is a perpetual sense of awakening that stays with you all the time. This directly helps in the application of Agnas and nine Kalams. Life takes a different meaning all together after gnan.

Aside from that, our small center in Columbia, South Carolina is growing. More and more are mahatmas connecting and uniting, which I believe is through the power of gnan. This is where, I believe that the power of Dada, Niruma and Sri Simandhar Swami is visible – for the purpose of Jagat Kalyan.


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