GP 2018: YMHT+ Immersion

This year’s Gurupurnima event was like no other, for a variety of reasons, of course, perhaps one of the more notable reasons this year was the youth engagement and immersion that was seen in various aspects of the planning and execution of the event long before the actual event began. From hundreds of WhatsApp threads to numerous meetings multiple times per week, the YMHT+ joined forces with various Core Team and NCC members to make this year’s GP unforgettable. The number of new initiatives lead by YMHT+ this year is unparalleled to another year. Let’s hear what some of these YMHT+ leads have to say about their seva experiences!

“As a Y/Y+ coordinator involved in announcement seva this year, I was amazed to see the talent, enthusiasm, and excitement of all the youth I worked with. But this energy was not one- sided, as we had to work alongside the GP Core Team, NCC members, and all [of] the other mahatmas.

Without the encouragement and trust they have given to us [and] the freedom to allow us to experiment in our seva[s], each of us wouldn’t have had excelled and succeeded in doing our jobs. They have not only been open to listening to our ideas, but they have given us the freedom to run the seva all by ourselves. They have helped us grow in our seva [and] shown how we can use Dada’s Gnan and principles in touch situations, in turn helping us to grow skillfully and spiritually.

We usually tend to view the NCC or Core team members as executives. It’s a mental block that we have within us. But interacting with them, you realize that it’s just a title and not something that matters. In fact, they have been much more humble than anyone of us would have imagined. We really wanted to thank all of the GP Core team members & NCC members for helping the youth in helping us grow.”

-Aditya Toney, YMHT/YMHT+/Announcement Teams


“Gurupurnima 2018 had a new spark all together because of the youth involvement. In working with the youth, it was for the first time I saw that they felt they were a part of Gurupurnima, not just invited to attend. When given the chance to contribute their ideas, the youth took the opportunity and ran in all directions completing seva in such a sincere manner. Words cannot describe the type of dedication that was given from the initial brainstorming meetings to the day we had to dismantle the stage. I never knew how much impact seva could have on myself as well as all the mahatmas I had the opportunity to work with. The door to seva has only been cracked open for the youth; there is much more to do to make sure it stays wide open.”

-Khushbu Mistry, Stage Decorations Team


“I was blessed beyond belief to work with like-minded folks. It was humbling to observe how the cookie crumbled, and it was really nice to always remember the core–the main purpose of Seva. Our team wasn’t superficial about it, we were extremely focused and stuck to the point. At the end of the day, this entire experience was a great lab to practice the Gnan we’re blessed with to be honest.”

-Pooja Gajjar, Theme & Logo Team


“I was assigned to Dining Hall seva on the Hospitality Seva Team. The most memorable moment for me was when an elderly mahatma looked over at me and smiled with the widest smile and a mouth full of food. Even though the planning and execution of the seva was difficult, requiring a lot of adjustment and patience, the joy of the elderly mahatmas made everything all worth it. It was easy to see that many people appreciated the hospitality and help that was provided by the team. Being able to be a part of a mahatma’s positive GP experience made me want to be more sincere to the seva. At the time, I thought the seva I was doing was not significant as some other departments, but after doing the seva, I realized its importance and the impact it had on others. It made them want to attend other Dada Bhagwan events. I realized that this is exactly what Dada’s envisioned. To have mahatmas serving one another, showing so much abhedta and pure love towards each other, and encouraging one another to stay in Gnan and satsang is jagat kalyan.”

-Shivali Patel, Hospitality Team


“Being a part of the “Quick Fact and Unity Posters” seva team I really enjoyed and learned a lot.

The entire process has been full of excitement and fun. I would like thank to each YMHT, YMHT+ sevarthi who made the “Quick Fact and Unity Posters” an attraction of the hallways of GP 2018 in Jacksonville. Out of this seva, I learned following values without putting additional efforts, and felt the same for each sevarthi:

  1.       Respect others opinion.
  2.       Avoid situation to hurt anyone through mind, speech and body.
  3.       See everyone as a Shudhatma.

As per my understanding, any kind of Seva is pure form of utilization (Shudh Upyog) of individual’s skills and available resources. It becomes more meaningful when we start to help in mission of Jagat Kalyan. Through the “kashay rahit seva”, everyone can become pure soul and achieve the ultimate goal to attain state of moksha.

I am feeling so lucky that I got an opportunity to become a “nimit” in Dada’s mission of Jagat Kalayn through this seva, I would encourage our youth mahatmas to take the full advantage of these opportunities. JSCA.”

-Abhishek Rastogi, Hotel Decorations & Center Posters Teams


“This year I was involved in different areas of seva. One that I was heavily involved with in particular was the implementation and planning of Snapchat Geofilters for different days of GP. This seva was a great learning experience for me, because I was able to learn not only how to manage my time and create something special for the Youth, but also how to work with others and truly apply Gnan during the process of it all. At times when things did not work in our favor or stressful situations arose, we were able to remain positive and hopeful that everything would work out for the best. Additionally, knowing that this seva was being developed to unite youth and promote youth involvement was what kept our positivity firm and that to me was an amazing feeling.”

-Priya Patel, Multimedia: Snapchat Geofilter Team


“During the Jacksonville Gurupurnima, I had the opportunity to join the t-shirt distribution team. The t-shirt distribution team had created designs for each of the five shirts and found vendors ready to make and distribute the shirts to the GP location. Finding the vendors, which I was apart of, showed me how much sincere effort it actually took to get a creative idea up and running. Helping out with this Seva was truly an amazing experience. There has always been something about doing Seva while at GuruPurnima events when you are physically there, but working with other people behind the scenes was a completely different experience for me and I really enjoyed it!”

-Arti Shah, T-Shirt Design Team


“As a Y/Y+ coordinator for the Hospitality Team, my experience with the Seva is that I noticed all sevarthis were willing to go above and beyond to help in any way that was needed. All sevarthis jumped in and took initiative for the seva that they were allocated too.”

-Sneha Iyer, Hospitality Team


“Like every year, the Youth of our Dada Parivar participated in readings, discussions, creative applications, and collaborative activities during a series of sessions that took place simultaneous to Pujyashree’s satsangs. This year, the theme was Unity.

The YMHT coordinators used various Akram Youth magazines as the basis for the readings and the Aptavanis as a supplemental source. For each of our individual topics, the youth participated in group work and activities requiring some level of creative thinking. You know there is a Y session going on when you can hear random bouts of uncontrollable laughter, or very deep moments of personal experience sharing! This open-ended format of the Y sessions really gives the youth the opportunity to not only open up with each other, but also with the Y-coordinators as well.

The highlight of the Y-sessions this year was the peer-mentorship between the YMHT and LMHT. For the first time ever, for two sessions, YMHT were paired with LMHT to work together with specific projects including T-shirt designing and interactive activities. The responsibility and patience with which the youth mentored the LMHT was inspiring and rewarding to watch. We hope to be able to facilitate more bonding experiences as these next year!”

-Mansi Vira, YMHT Coordinators’ Team


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