Indian Independence Day: Transforming the Soul!


This year, three different Dada Bhagwan Centers in the US and Canada had the unique opportunity of participating in a cultural immersion experience while celebrating India’s Independence Day. While each center brought their own creativity in displaying their enthusiasm for the parade, they all were united in bringing Dada’s spirit to thousands of people worldwide watching this parade, live and telecasted.


New York Dada Bhagwan Center participated in the NYC India Day Parade on Sunday August 19th, 2018.  New York Dada Bhagwan Center sponsored a decorative float in celebration of Dada’s JJ111. Dada’s JJ111 float along with 38 other decorative floats, 42 marching groups, and 5 marching bands were greeted by thousands of people who lined Madison Avenue from E38th St to E26th St. Over 150,000 people were in attendance for the 38th India Day Parade organized by the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), commemorating the 72nd Independence Day of India, and it was the largest celebration of India’s Independence outside of the country itself.

Kamal Haasan served as Grand Marshal for the parade and was joined by his daughter, actress Shruti Haasan, as well as Chief Guest singer Kailash Kher, and Guests of Honor cricket player Sir Vivian Richards and actor Anupam Kher.

Dada Bhagwan’s 28-foot float was designed specifically with the theme of JJ111 Jova Jevi Duniya and featured the gold and blue colors.  It had a 4-foot cutout of Simandhar Swami in the front of the float and large banners of Pujyashree, Niruma and Dada and another large banner of Jova Jevi Duniya logo along with smaller banners of JJ!!! and Dada’s aptasutras decorating the remainder of the float.  NY collaborated with NJ/PA Center to bring the walking banners which were carried by our mahatmas through the parade route and the walking banners featured Dada’s Books’ Titles and Aptasutras. Over 100 Mahatmas from NY/NJ/PA/DE/VA participated in the parade. All the mahatmas who attended were thrilled by the whole experience and danced and sang throughout the whole parade and felt like “Dada Aavi Gaya Che.” The highlight of the parade was the 2 dances of the JJ111 theme song choreographed by Mansi and performed by the YMHT girls at intervals throughout the parade route. The choreography was well coordinated throughout the parade. A professional DJ was hired on the float who blasted Dada’s JJ111 and other Dada’s songs throughout the parade. Dada’s small books and brochures were given out on the parade route. Dada’s float had good exposure and coverage from TV News Channels that were covering the NYC parade.


The Toronto Satsang Center takes every opportunity to showcase Akram Vignan at a larger stage. The India Day Parade was yet another event to demonstrate this. The Toronto Centre booked their spot in the parade, thanks to the hard work and connection of our Mahatmas with the India Day organizing committee.

The parade took place in downtown Toronto, centred around the famous Nathan Phillips square, and brought together many different states of India and its vibrant culture. Of course, the Toronto team represented Gujarat.  A few days before the parade, our team of Mahatmas worked hard to put up banners and arrange necessary supplies for the 1.5 hour long parade that attracts several thousand people from various cultural backgrounds. Though small, our coherent group of Mahatmas walked gracefully with banners of Akram Vigyan – showcasing the science of Self realization.

Our free spiritual book stall became a major centre of attention for individuals of all backgrounds. Mahatmas ran out of several books and had to make a run back to the centre to get more…the response was that overwhelming! Through the blessings of Dada, Niruma and Devi-Devtas, the India day parade, was once again a bright spot in our effort of Jagat Kalyan.


The Dada Bhagwan Parivar of Chicago participated in the India Day Parade on Saturday, August 18. The team prepared for the parade in just 3 days, exemplifying an excellent example of “the power of teamwork.”

Every Sevarthi from Chicago has worked above and beyond during the parade and offline to Spread Dada s Gyan. The Mahatmas involved in the parade ranged from little ones to our senior MMHT, who enthusiastically participated in the Parade in a wheelchair!

The Chicago Center coordinator was interviewed by local press and event management with Federations of India President of Chicago, which was an opportunity to highlight the Mahatmas who worked tirelessly to make this event successful. The Chicago Center is planning more prachar events in the future to spread Dada’s gnan!



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