North American Akram Retreats – A new vision, a new experience.


Every year North American mahatmas receive divine grace of Pujyashri’s presence in two major events – Guru Purnima and Pujyashri’s Satsang/Gyan Vidhi in their region. Last year a new event started in form of a spiritual Retreat with Pujyashri at Houston.

This year mahatmas in Canada and USA Midwest were very fortunate to have a retreat in lieu of regional satsang. This is as per the vision of Pujyashri and Dimplebhai. Several aspirants have become mahatmas over years and many are now fully dedicated to Akram Gyan.  The purpose of these retreats is to enhance the spiritual progress of the mahatmas through direct interaction and guidance of Pujyashri. For many mahatmas, this was an excellent opportunity to obtain missing keys to their spiritual progress.

The ‘Houston’ retreat was for 4 days at a beautiful Resort on the bank of the famous lake – Lake Conroe. Several mahatmas from south central region took this wonderful opportunity to attend the retreat. The midwest retreat was held 3 hours south of Chicago in the city of Champaign. It was a home away from home since one of the mahatmas owned the venue. The retreat in Canada happened in a picturesque city of Midland, one hour north of Toronto. In the midst of sapphire blue lakes, parks and forest, this serene place served an ideal location for a spiritual retreat.

One can only imagine the joy and excitement the mahatmas had when the dates approached. Over 300 plus mahatmas participated in each location.

For the mahatmas, the whole experience was so surreal. Pujyashri stayed with them for three to four days like a family member. Mahatmas experienced Gyani in an informal setting.  Pujyashri went on morning walks with them, talked to them, dined with them and lived with them. Dada Darbar was held and mahatmas met Pujyashri one on one. For all mahatmas the essence of the retreat was to take their practice of Gyan and 5 agnas to a deeper level. Garba has always been a part of our spiritual practice; therefore, they were religiously performed with full participation of Pujyashri, Dimplebhai and Aptaputris.

In Houston, the mahatmas formed groups and arranged short plays signifying Agnas and Gyan. In Chicago late night talks with Dimplebhai and Pinkiben was a highly sought after event. In Toronto, the center stage of the entire event was the boat cruise in the great lake. Dada Darbar was held on the cruise. Niruma was fondly remembered when Dimplebhai proposed the idea to Pinkiben to prepare Niruma’s legendary Badshahi Khichdi. Dimplebhai and Pinkiben led the Khichdi mission and fondly served all Mahatmas.

The retreat caused mahatmas to connect even deeper and vows of Jagat Kalyan were taken. All will cherish this divine play of mahatmas and gyani for a very long time.


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