Raleigh celebrated festivals above and beyond!


Raleigh has celebrated Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami and Nirumaa 50th Gnan Day for many years. These events were bringing many mumukshus or new mahatmas, but was not able to bring about the feel of celebrations. With this in mind, the center’s Y+ members thought to change the format of celebrations and make event celebrations more interactive where newcomers can come close to regular mahatmas. An average of 135 mahatmas/mumushus attended these celebrations which were full day events.

Rakshabandhan highlights:

  • Rakshabandhan team brought all the needed items to make Rakhis.
  • Small teams were formed and each team was given instructions to make 2 rakhis and use at least 5 items in each rakhi.
  • Initially some members did not take much interest, but after seeing others, they gathered momentum and excitement to join the rest.
  • In the middle of event, we announced that the best Rakhi winners will have first chance to tie rakhi to Swami and Dada. After this announcement everyone forgot the world and tried their best to make the best rakhi.
  • LMHT members were judges. Mahatmas tied rakhi to Swami and Dada. Youth tied rakhi to everyone after they tied to bhagwans.


  • Janmashtami team also decided to do competition but this competition was to dress Krishna. Similar to Rakshabandhan, teams brought all the things which was necessary to dress up Krishna and do a little makeup as well. Each team took about 45 mins to dress their Krishna.
  • Special Krishna quiz was organized and the same teams were put to test about their knowledge of Krishna and his gnan.
  • Event included garba, Krishna bhakti pado, dinner and was concluded with mid night snacks after Krishna Janam.

Nirumaa 50th Gnan Day:

  • This full day celebration was packed with bhakti, Nirumaa ni takoro and Nirumaa biography with games on Nirumaa’s life.
  • The unique thing about this event was Rath yatra of Nirumaa. Mahatmas did garba in yatra with joy and energy.
  • Event was concluded with garba and dinner.

Please take a look at the pictures of these joyful events.

Raleigh Center na sarve Mahatmao na laghuttam bhave JSCA.


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