Dadai Agyaras – Know what it’s like just being an observer!


Agyaras or Ekadeshi is the 11th day (Tithi) as per lunar calendar. Since millenniums, seekers have coupled their spiritual practice with fasting on this day to help them progress on their path.

Param Pujya Dadashri prescribed a true way to do Agyaras.

On this day, the participating Mahatmas observe the fast for up to 24 hours and do Samayik. In this unique spiritual practice, the mahatma establishes in his/her true self and watches file one’s prakriti. No effort is made – mahatma is just the observer of Chandubhai’s (File one’s) inherent nature – prakriti. Pujya Dada suggested that this is a very effective way to loosen the grips of prakriti. It gives an insight of what Chandubhai does, what Chandubhai thinks, what are his likes and dislikes. There are some specific guidelines that need to be observed for effective Dadai Agyaras.

Many centres are now organizing Dadai Agyaras and several mahatmas are enthusiastically participating. Let us go through the experience of some mahatmas in their own words. Their experience is likely to serve as an inspiration to other mahatmas.

A very experienced mahatmas says

“The day before we take early dinner and sleep early. We wake up at 4:00AM and freshen up. We start at 5:00AM. We use a comfortable chair. We have photos of Pujya Dada and Niruma and have Swami’s idol in front of us. We pray to all of them to give inner strength. And Samayik begins. We detach from all the activities and simply watch what file one does. Once settled, it is quite intriguing to observe the mental activity of file 1. Occasionally, there is nothing but blankness and occasionally the train of thoughts do not cease. We do not feel the urge to eat or drink at all. All the worries are long lost. Occasionally we do some physical movements but that is it. All other bodily activities are stopped. After 24 hours we again pray to Dada, Niruma and Swami, do aarti and end the Agyaras.

After this session we experienced feeling light. There was a constant feeling of joy flowing from within and worldly issues were at bay.”

Another mahatma described as

“I did this for the first time and it was a very good experience. There were stages when I felt sleepy in the afternoon and early morning. However, everything was fine after the sleepy phase was over. I had enormous thoughts of the grace of Pujya Dada and Niruma.  I could see the activity of my chitta which I could not have seen normally. When I experienced some discomfort, I used Dada’s key of talking to file 1. This helped file 1 to settle down. Overall, it was very pleasant. I felt very joyful for many days and I could feel that my likes and dislikes had slimmed.”

Overall several mahatmas have many experiences and they all talk about a very different experience over routine samayik and pratikraman. It is apparent that Dada’s grace is working for those who seek. Dadai Agyaras is truly a very impactful spiritual tool for the mahatmas who intend to fast track their progress in Gyan. ]]>

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