JJ111 – Remembrance for centuries!!



Dada's 111th birthday, Janma-Jayanti 111 was a grandeur of spiritual celebration, a spectacle of real spiritual gyan, a peerless movement to spread spiritual science to the masses and pinnacle of selfless service by thousands of volunteers. It touched the lives of over a million, and opened a doorway for several thousands to understand the true essence of the religion.

The scale of the event was so grand that one had to witness it to understand it. All roads led to various aspects of Dada's Gyan – What is this world about?, Who is the doer?, Who really am I?. All encompassed under the theme of "Jova Jevi Duniya"

The event had a lot of things for everyone. An infant to an aged person got to discover the knowledge in a very creative way. The event was professionally organized to cater to all audiences. The event had several theme parks, parades and workshops and of course satsangs with Pujya Dipakbhai. Over a hundred thousand people visited the event daily.

It started with a grand opening ceremony. The opening ceremony included each person given a Diya that was lit, and there were thousands of lit diyas to symbolise Dada's gnan. ‘One enlightened soul can enlighten multiple souls’, Dada’s key principle was at the forefront.

NRI mahatmas played a very important role in every possible area to bring more fun and excitement in the event. Their roles were vastly ranging in the following:

  • Parade/Float
  • International village
  • Craft and Connect
  • Kitchen and Food Service

The float symbolized the culture of a particular zone outside of India,but still signified its association with Dada and Akram Gyan. And indeed, North American float turned out to be a mega center of attraction.
What about North America is so unique and attractive? Perhaps it is the melting pot of cultures that brings diversity. Perhaps it’s the freedom of dreams that one experiences here . This is also a world of opulence and material abundance which leads to Moh, or attachment. It is then the same Moh that becomes the cause of bondage and suffering. And this is where Swami, Dada, Niruma, and Pujyashree all come into play in the float schematic. Ultimately it’s this moh and the suffering there of that brings us closer to Dada’s gyan to make us realize the source of real happiness.

In the float, Gateway Arch of St. Louis, a monumental structure represented heartily welcome of everyone to North America. On the right, was the CN Tower, which is an iconic architectural building of Toronto, Canada. Competing with its height, we had the world famous Empire State Building of New York on the left. Lady Liberty of New york was saying “Hello”. And there was the maid of the mist taking you to the wonder of this world – The iconic Niagara falls.
The ultimate structure unifying the overarching theme of the float was, Moh thi Moksha.This of course was the one and only Akram Space Shuttle. By solidifying our nischay through satsang and seva, it asked Dada to take us to Moksha through the Akram Space Shuttle.

After the float came the parade. As diverse as the North American regions; were the parade participants, embodying the spirit of rich cultures coming together for JJ 111. These participants were either dressed up in classic characters such as Disney, Avengers, Cartoons, and even Sports Jockeys, or, were wearing t-shirts that were specially designed to portray the unity and patriotism among all the walkers. Eye catching, choreographed performers preceded the parade with carefully lyriced music for each region.
Since North America is a large region, it made most sense to include mahatmas from all regions of the US and Canada in the parade. As a result, crowds experienced a group of 175 mahatmas walking, in their designated region, representing the satsang center they originated in.

Theme parks in the event ground clearly had something for everyone. Since this event was to cater to the masses, there was something available for everyone, whether it be a one year old or a ninety year old. There was a kid zone park that offered some playful rides. Concepts of gnan were presented in a unique way via the following:

  1. Akram Lab
  2. Wifi dome
  3. Selfie dome
  4. Niruma dome
  5. Workshops
  6. 360 degree parenting
  7. Karta Kain
  8. Tour to Mahavideh
  9. International Village

The key highlight was the Akram Lab dome where pure scientific experiments were used to explain the concept of soul and body. For example, through the experiment of hydrolysis it was explained how soul and body are apart. Oil and water experience were shown to explain how body and soul are immiscible.

The international village in the theme park was the one that showcased Dada’s activity in North America. It revealed very important facts of Dada’s involvement in North America. Did you know that Dada unfolded the in-depth gyan of “Hu, Bavo ane Mangaldas” in North America?.

The International village theme was divided in five components –

  • Dada’s Activity in North America – His visits and gyan activity
  • Gurupurnima – From Dada up to Pujyashri
  • Special Events – Dada meeting a scientist and Dada visiting Disneyland
  • Technology Evolution – From audio cassettes to live internet feeds
  • Did you know? – Unique events of Dada in North America. – When Dada visited USA for the last time in 1987 he did not mention about meeting again in USA, which he would normally do in his prior visits. Dada left his body in 1988. Mahatmas had to read the the articles of Akram Vignan monthly (Currently known as Dada Vani) from 1980 onwards to get all information about Dada’s activity.

NRIs played a very important role in Food Seva as well.
Food was offered in three main places – Food Court, Special Kitchen and Undori. To sustain the large number of people that were coming in, food had to be managed in unimaginable ways. There were about 15000 total registered sevarthis and an unknown number of non registered sevarthis engaged in the food Seva. Tons of vegetables were brought in on a daily basis. Many sevarthis engaged in cleaning all the food supplies and processing the food. NRIs took charge in the international food avenue. Pizzas and Mexican food were served by NRIs to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine. It was a tremendous hit; over 18000 pizzas were served.

Alongside all these activities, Bhakti was presented in a unique way with professional chorus singers singing away their hearts with Dada’s presence felt all over in the air.
Germans taught everyone how to say I am pure soul in German. A native Gujarati was putting in all the efforts to learn to sing in German; thereby introducing a feeling of oneness.

The whole event will be remembered by everyone for centuries to come. More than 10,000 mumukshu took gnan during this special event. All pieces fell into place with blessings of Swami, Dada, Niruma, Devi-Devtas and unmatched service of the mahatmas. They sought the best and put everything at stake to make things happen. Impossible tasks were accomplished without compromise. They went working without food, sleep and personal comforts for weeks in a row. Sevarthi mahatmas made themselves available for anything and everything. Dimplebhai, Pinkyben and other aptaputras, aptputris would show up past midnight to serve food to sevarthi mahatmas. Each mahatma had endless experiences to share. One Mahatma said – “I am not the same person anymore after JJ-111. A big chunk of Prakriti has dissolved and I know what it means to be Abhed in true sense”

The closing ceremony marked Sairam Dave’s session. And the grand event came to an end to be remembered forever. ]]>

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