First North American Y+ Retreat


The first ever Y+ Retreat in North America with Aptaputras Ketanbhai and Nileshbhai was held in Houston, Texas on March 29-31, 2019, with young adults flying in from every corner of North America to experience this rare opportunity. While the retreat was a mere two-day event, the satsang sessions and the opportunity to bond with Y+ across the country was something that the Y+ would cherish for a lifetime.

The planning process kicked off soon after GP 2018, combining hours of dedication and meticulous attention to detail, to make this first retreat truly a special one. And special it was! From start to end, the retreat was a non-stop playlist of laughter, positivity, satsang, food, and Seva…on repeat.

The Aptaputras, too, expressed that they genuinely enjoyed the retreat and spending time with the young adults. Everyone was super engaged throughout the weekend; the enthusiasm for making homemade pizzas, cleaning up after dinner, and becoming absorbed in Dada’s spiritual science was consistently high, regardless of the activity or task at hand. The pictures definitely do not do justice to the oneness experienced by all those who attended this Y+ retreat, and the Y+ unanimously agreed that they wanted to come back for more such events year after year.

Let’s hear what a few of the attendees have to say about their experiences at the retreat!

Latish Patel, Arizona

Overall, I had a very nice experience, which was the total opposite of what I thought the retreat would be like. I questioned to myself how I would relate to these young people, as I am already 37. What I liked most was the experiences shared by Aptaputras, which really helped me to get solutions for file 1’s Prakruti by engaging in detailed elaboration/analysis of file 1’s Prakruti and how to deal with it. I really enjoyed the stay, food, team activities and all other arrangements. The experience was awesome! I learned a lot from the team activities, especially from those related to Gnan. And, in the process, I got to know many youths!

Sneha Iyer, Georgia

This first Y+ North America Retreat was truly an awesome experience! I got to meet old my friends and make new ones as well. The retreat was just for two days, and I feel like two days was just too short. Having satsang was Aptaputras was an incredible time, and I loved every minute of it. There was so much we did in so little time. I hope we get to have Y+ retreats every year and for a bit of a longer time. I had an awesome time and can’t wait for the next one!!

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