WMHT Web satsangs – A gnan outreach for all far away located mahatmas


WMHT Web satsangs started in USA and Canada in 2013. The main reason to start these web satsangs was because some behno had difficulties in going to a nearby physical center due to some challenges such as no center in nearby area, no driving ability, health issue, family issue, etc.

Presently, almost 200 behnos are joining the web satsang every week for attendance. This has enabled them to progress in gnan.

Below are some of their experiences!

Hema Joshi

જય સચ્ચિદાનંદ

WMHT સત્સંગ એ ઘરે બેઠા ગંગા છે. સ્ત્રી પ્રકૃતિને ઓગાળવાની અનેક ચાવીઓ મળે છે. પૂજ્ય દાદા ની અપાર કૃપા છે કે આવો સરસ સત્સંગ નો લાભ મળે છે.

Archana Shah, Houston, TX

I really appreciate for the web team who started web Satsang , I have my mother in law with me, she is 78. I cannot go to the center for WMHT as it is almost an hour away. I cannot go back to back in 2 days in row (Satsang & WMHT).

For me, attending web satsang is much more helpful and am able to concentrate better during videos and Samayik.

The evening time is also much more suitable compared to morning as I am always free during evenings.

Tejal Himanshu Shah, Kendal Park, NJ

I would like to share my experience regarding web satsang , due to aging parents who have been in and out of hospital multiple times who require my assistance, also my son who has a busy academic schedule requiring transportation, thus i was able to do purusharth as a result of the web satsang thus allowing me to progress further in gnyan. I am very grateful for the ability to do web satsang.

Renuka Soni, Chicago, IL

Mane aa web Satsang bahuj game che hu drive nathi karti to marathi Satsang ma javatu nathi ane biju thodu ghar ni badhi file ne dada ma intrest na hoy tethi hu vadhare na jei shaku to gare betha dada na Satsang no aavo labh badhay ni sathe Satsang no anero lahvo male che to tenathi vadhare khushi shu hoy. hu every wednesday ni wait karti hov chu ane mane ena thi bahuj labh thayo che mane vadhare ne vadhare dada na gnan ma rahevay che ane most thing every wednesday different samayik ane ena vadhare topping janva male che te mara mate bahuj khushi che… I love this web Satsang specialy amara jeva mahatmao mate to dada ni aa team ne thank you, thank you So much So many time & JSCA.

Anjali Badkas, New York City, NY

There is actually to feel proud and very impressive about wmht zoom satsang because i experienced it helps
me to progress in my spiritual path ,open vision and great learning in the path of salvation.
Great Team Great Leadership Superb, Outstanding Job.

WMHT team provide us excellent special DVD satsang , related vishay,kashays,anger,pride , while watching satsang get tremendous keys find out easily apply against worldly materials.Team allows us 45 minutes samayik ,specially on our stri prakruti, getting good points to samayik ,realize and experienced peace and bliss, feel journey to more awareness in the path of knowledge.

Team also focus reading too. While reading ,watching satsangs and proudly says and experiencing really we are doing our full purusharth.

I am really happy to share this experience about WMHT zoom satsang. I wish and pray more womens mahatmas will join this
wmht satsang and our dadas jagatkalyan mission is going purely and smoothly.

Bhigna Patel, Toronto, ON

I would like to thank whole wmht web-team who gave us wonderful opportunity to connect DADA’S Akram Vignan,and how to come out from your own prakruti even though you are far from Adalaj. The people like me who don’t have car and can’t go far still u can see all satsang online at your home. Thank you very very much for all your hard work and to connect us with DADA.

Dada said the people who always follow my agna, my both eyes on it even though they are far from me.

And web-team made this statement true.

Thanks a lot.

Devyani Shah

I join the web satsang so I can focus on the dosh (faults) and learn how to remove or deal with them. It gives me a chance to think about them quietly at my own speed. My ultimate goal is to achieve moksha (liberation) for which web satsang is very helpful.

Vanita Shah, Toronto, ON

Thanks to WMHT Committee to allow me to join Web satsang. Though after taking GNAN in 2008 and attending few shibir, one Behno ni Shibir and few Guru Purnima I was unable to be in Jagruti. Our Toronto Centre is far away and cannot attend satsang regularly. But WMHT Web satsang has helped Vanita (me) to practice Samayik, do vidhi which helps to be in Jagruti. Attending WMHT Web satsang on every Wednesday since January 2014. Jaisatchitanand.

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