Girls Summer Camp 2019

We are proud to announce that this year’s Youth Girls Summer Camp was an overwhelming success!  After Gurupurnima celebrations, the camp was held at Columbia Lakes Resort Cottages, slightly over an hour away from Houston, Texas, for 2.5 days.  Camp coordinators were excited to take a fun road trip with the youth attendees, as they all traveled to the campsite together. The campsite facility was surrounded by miles of natural greenery and everyone was mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset each evening. Similar to Air BnB rentals, the cottages were very spacious and included many amenities. The youth girls shared their own cottage, while the coordinators stayed in the one next door. 

A majority of the initial camp activities were played as icebreaker games to get to know each other better. Surprisingly enough, despite the 13 to 33 year age range, it did not take very long for everyone to develop a comfortable rapport that has now turned into several long-lasting friendships. Each of the morning and evening session modules were formed based on topics that are particularly relevant to the youth and are practical in terms of daily application in their lives. While learning about the material, the youth were highly engaged in sharing how Dada’s Gnan has caused a significantly positive impact in their lives. This is especially true when dealing with situations with our families and friends in our home, school, and other settings.

Interactive learning was also a big component of the Summer Camp experience, so we made sure that hands-on activities were woven into each session. For example, we had a blast using colorful tie dye kits to create unique T-shirt patterns and getting crafty while designing gratitude mason jars. Inspired by the TV show, Shark Tank, small groups also worked together to plan and pitch “Generation Tank” ideas to help solve communication conflicts between parents and children. Another “Akram Transport” activity encouraged youth to think outside the box; their challenge task was to engineer a form of transportation out of recyclable materials that depicts Dada’s knowledge and the path to moksha. We were highly impressed that the youth team invented their own Akram Elevator that actually worked!  

Let’s not forget that nothing brings people together like good food. We were fortunate to have two Dallas mahatmas – both of whom are expert chefs – volunteer to prepare delicious, home-cooked meals for all the camp attendees. One meal was planned as a “pizza party,” during which everyone got to make their own pizzas! Dessert nights even included an ice cream sundae bar and make-your-own ice cream sandwiches. Did someone say YUM?!

The planning and coordination team is already gearing up to begin preparations for next year’s camp in Arizona. We extend an invitation to all YMHT (ages 13-18) to come explore, to grow your learning, and most of all, to build everlasting memories with friends from all over the nation!     

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