Mahatma Corner Dilse – Dada’s Vani Pratyaksh Saraswati

Dada’s reading group was initiated as a small experiment in February 2016, with the intent of strengthening our Mahatmas’ daily purusharth and gnan jagruti. Initially, the group began with only 4-5 mahatmas and then eventually peaked to around 60-70 mahatmas who are currently taking advantage of Dada’s gnanvani. 

The reading group meets every weekday afternoon at 1:30 pm EST and reads 10 pages of Dada’s gnan in every session. Every participating mahatma is encouraged to share his or her favorite Aptasutras as well. 

The group has experienced a noticeable increase in their spiritual awareness (gnan jagruti) as a result of this regular reading. All mahatmas are invited to participate in the reading group to strengthen their purusharth and elevate their anubhav kaksha.

Now, let’s hear from some of the regular attendees of the reading group: 


“I was a very depressed and upset person due to various happenings in my life. I was always searching for the true meaning of this life. My sister gave me pratikraman book, and after I read the entire book, more and more doors started to open, leading me to take Gnan and join the reading group. 

And since then, my life has changed miraculously. My depression and feeling upset are both gone. The daily reading and satsang have helped me to see my true self and the sufferings of this body. With Dada’s agna, and continuous reading and listening to Dada’s Vani, I able able to stay in more jagruti. Listening, asking questions, and pointed answers guided me to better understand this spiritual science.”



“દાદા ના જ્ઞાન માં જાગૃત રાખે છે 

એક વાક્ય પણ સમજ માં આવી જાયતો

પણ હિતકારી છે”

– Rameshbhai Patel Atlanta


“I started attending the reading group since it started. I am thoroughly enjoying the reading group, because I now know how deep Dada’s Gnan is. I am thankful to all mahatmas who share and help each other to progress on this spiritual journey together.”

-Chandrika Amin 


“Reading Dada’s Akram science gives me immense joy and strengthens my determination. Since the past 2 years, the reading group has helped me to be more consistent, enhanced my vocabulary, and instilled confidence in me to read Gujarati. The awe-inspiring moment was when I got an opportunity to read Aptavani 1 during Gurupurnima 2018 in the presence of Pujya Deepakbhai. 

The Q & A session gives me more clarity and a deeper understanding of Dada’s Vignan. A heartfelt thank you to all the Sevarthis and Mahatmas for being a guiding light and depicting oneness for each other.”

-Ankita Dalli


“I am so thankful that this reading group was created. After joining the reading group I feel that I am able to understand more of Dada’s gnan, and I am able to read the Aptavanis with greater clarity, which makes me very happy. If I do have to miss a session, I feel as if I have missed out on something very important. I wish we could have these reading sessions throughout the week.”

-Harsha Shah


“I used to be very lazy to read, but would be willing to watch a video, instead of reading. However, I told myself that I should really join the reading group – which was the best decision. I feel more uplifted and better able to understand Dada’s gnan after joining the reading group weekly calls.”

-Parul Bhavsar


– Minaxiben



-Rekhaben Dave, South Jersey

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