MMHT Web Satsangs

“Moksha (Final liberation) is stalled due to Abramhacharya (non-celibacy)” – Pujya Dada.

All the mahatmas of Pujya Dada are well aware that celibacy is the unquestionable foundation for Moksha. It is through this wonderful gyan that even married Mahatmas could firmly establish themselves in celibacy and achieve final liberation without any hurdle.

Brahmacharya camps are quite frequently organized in India and elsewhere in the major centers of the world. Many centers also organize weekly in person MMHT Brahmacharya satsang. These satsangs serves a great purpose. It increases awareness in Brahmacharya for Mahatmas.

In 2013, weekly web satsang for North American Married Mahatmas was introduced. The objective was to aid Mahatmas in their resolution in celibacy via satsang in the convenience of their home. It has been a success.

Mahatmas across north America join the satsang on Wednesday late evening and do satsang via web conferencing.

In this MMHT web satsang only Married men participate. Married women mahatmas have their own similar WMHT web satsang. 

The purpose of the web satsang is not to replace the ongoing MMHT satsang at the center but is to supplement it. It is of great help for the Mahatmas who are remote from satsang centers as well.

Satsang timings:

Wednesday: 9:00PM to 10:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)

The meeting is conducted via zoom teleconferencing. The meeting ID is

No attendance is taken. All married men are welcome to join.

The satsang starts with Trimantra. Then 6th Kalam is repeated 25 times followed by reading of Brahmacharya material. Finally Samayik is done.


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