Who is Simandhar Swami?

Shree Simandhar Swami is a living Tirthankar, who is present in another world known as Mahavideh Kshetra. By praying to Him and accepting His shelter, He can guide us on the path of achieving ultimate bliss and ultimate liberation (moksha).

He was born sometime between the reign of the seventeenth Tirthankar Shree Kunthunath and the eighteenth Tirthankar Shree Arahanath, as the prince of Pundarikgiri. His parents were King Shreyans and Queen Satyaki. He is supposed to be very handsome. His wife is Princess Rukamani. He came with three types of knowledge (gnan): mati (intellect-based knowledge), shruta (knowledge obtained by listening) and avadhi gnan (visual or clairvoyant knowledge that’s beyond our mind and senses ).

His physical body stands around 3000 feet tall. Lord Simandhar Swami took diksha (renunciation from worldly life) sometime during the Ramayana, when Dashratha was ruling this world. This was also the time between the existence of the twentieth Tirthankar Munishivrat Swami and Shree Neminath Bhagwan. At the moment of His diksha, He attained the fourth gnan called manaparyay gnan. After a thousand years as a sadhu (ascetic), during which all His Gnan obscuring karmas exhausted, the Lord became fully Omniscient and attained Keval Gnan, full Enlightenment. He will attain nirvana (complete liberation) after completing his current lifespan. His protecting celestial deities are Shree Chandrayan Yaksha Dev and Shree Panchanguli Yakshini Devi.

Simandhar Swami has an account with India (Hindustan). Of the twenty current living Tirthankaras, Simandhar Swami has to be particularly revered because He is the closest to our Bharat Kshetra and He has an obligation towards it, due to a subtle bond from interactions of past karmic deeds (aka roonanubandh). 

Dada says that when he will be worshiped all over in our world, there will be heaven on this earth. 

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