First Time Gnan Vidhi – Iowa

Iowa Mahatmas’ experiences with Pujyashree in Des Moines, Iowa, USA


This was the first time Pujyashree visited the state of Iowa, where he stayed in Des Moines from July 7-10, 2019. As July 8 was Niruma’s 51st Gnan Day, we held a special morning bhakti. Pujyashree also sang a special pad to highlight this special occasion. There were over 275 attendees at Pujyashree’s satsang and Gnanvidhi on July 8 and 9, respectively. A few mumukshus attended the first day to get a sense of what Dada’s gnan is about and ended up coming back the following day to take Gnan. There were over 100 attendees for Dimplebhai’s satsang on the morning of July 9, and over 100 mumukshus took gnan this year. Those that took Gnan for the first time were extremely happy and grateful to have this special opportunity. The Iowa Mahatmas are thankful to the Chicago and Minneapolis mahatmas for their helpt and support for making this event successful.

Nilesh Kadivar’s Experience:

“I got to spend 5-7 minutes with Pujyashree at the Dada Darbar. I had heard that when you bow down to someone at a higher stage, your ego gets surrendered and punya is credited, which helps in satsang, Gnani’s seva, and Jagat Kalayn. But if you see the Gnani’s Gnan Dasha by looking into his eyes, it works like a laser beam and helps to progress that much more in the path of moksha. While doing Pujyashree’s darshan, I strived to maintain the awareness that “Gnani ni gnan dasha jova thi te roop thai javay.” I also asked Pujyashree personally for shakti to remain in Dada’s 5 principles and to be a nimit of Jagat Kalyan with purity. I feel very fortunate to have lunch with Pujyashree as well, which is something that I could only dream of! I am grateful for Pujyashree’s time to discuss progress in bramacharya and to continue my spiritual growth. Throughout the event, mumukshus helped Mahatmas, and everyone was able to do Kashay Rahit Seva. This was an overall amazing experience for me!”

Manisha-Kaushal Bhatt & Family’s Experience:

“Pujyashree gave us great satsangs and cleared our spiritual misunderstandings, which will help us tremendously to progress on our spiritual path. The bhakti with Pujyashree on Niruma’s Gnan Day was lovely, especially when Pujyashree sang with the Mahatmas. We really had a humbling opportunity to see and meet the live Gnani from such close proximity.”

Sonal-Sanjay Mistry & Family’s Experience:

“We were very excited and happy to host Pujyashree at our home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his presence which was full of positive vibrations. We had an extraordinary bhakti at our home on July 8, which was Niruma’s Gnan Day. We were so thrilled that Pujyashree also sang a special pad to highlight this momentous occasion. Our home was filled with tremendous positivity in the presence of Pujyashree and Mahatmas. Sonal, with the help of other Mahatmas, prepared food for Pujyashree and the team was always in positive bhaav. The Mahatmas felt so lucky to have the opportunity to serve Pujyashree! We involved local Mahatmas and mumukshus for Pujyashree’s seva and invited a number of them to have lunch or dinner with Pujyashree. New mumukshus who had this opportunity decided to take Gnan the next day, even though they were initially reluctant to take Gnan. Overall, this was a life-changing and memorable experience to spend time with the living Gnani and do his Seva. We feel truly fortunate for this opportunity to become a nimit for Dada’s Jagat

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