International Youth (YMHT) Outing Day

Labor Day Weekend 2019

For a few years now, we have been trying to push for an international youth outing day (s). What this means is that during a pre-selected weekend, various centers across the US and Canada plan a youth outing. After quite a bit of coordination and encouragement, we had 3 centers participate in our International Youth Outing Day: Dallas, New Jersey, and Toronto. Below is a brief synopsis of what each center did:


Bowling & Pratishta. Can’t go wrong with a bowling night that ends with ornating Swami and asking for blessings! The Y and Y+ were in for a win-win during Labor Day weekend. When it’s too hot outside, get a group of youth together and bowl!

New Jersey:

Whitewater Rafting in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. You heard it right! The Y and Y+ crew of NJ had a splish splash type of adventure rafting across the Lehigh River. The Y+ were in for an unexpected twist as they quickly learned that the youth have a mischievous side to them, loaded with pranks and constant jokes, all while trying to not fall off of the raft! Wet n Wild is just one way to describe how we all felt by the end of the day…


Backside BBQ, games, and bonding. There’s nothing better than chilling with a group of satsangis [Y & Y+], munching on food, and catching up! Sunny days are the best for some R&R along with engaging conversations! 

In the next couple of years, we anticipate that more centers across the US and Canada will participate in the designated Youth Outing Days to create an impact not only for youth engagement but also to inspire a youth culture that is enriched with cultural competence, leadership, and Dada’s gnan.

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