Mahatma Corner Dilse – Dada as Santa

Santa is known to give gifts to all the children and is also popular for this among them, for this reason. As kids, Santa has always been this magical and mysteries figure who brings us immense joy and happiness as he’d miraculously bring us the very gifts, we so dearly wanted. It could be a favorite game, a colorful doll or a popular action figure.

However as we grow up our definition of what brings us happiness changes. What really does bring us happiness? We often ask ourselves – is it the materialistic gifts, things that bring us social status, things that used to give us happiness as kids or is it something else?

As adults, we tend to ponder about a lot of things. One of them being- what gives me true and everlasting happiness? As we grow wiser, we encounter existential questions like Who am I? What am I doing here? Or even some not so existential ones like What kind of parenting would be the best? Why is my career going downhill? Why do bad things only happen to me and so and so forth…. the list goes on.

Many of us seek answers to these questions but probably only a few lucky ones get them. Answers that are not just comprehensible in a logical manner but are also practicable enough to be applied to real world situations.

As adults, these answers would probably be the best gifts, we could hope to her. And we mahatmas have indeed received these from none other than our dearest Dada.

Not only has he given us a vision into Who am I, but also resolved a lot of our internal complexities (prakruti related issues and kashaays that arise thereof). His 5 Agnas have become a natural key to solve all the riddles that keep arising in our minds in various situations. This not only brings us a lot of peace amidst all the external turmoil but also gives us a path to permanently come out of it.

Indeed his gifts of gnan vidhi, 5 agnas and various key offered by him that help us move closer to our ultimate goal of achieving liberation, truly makes him our Spiritual Santa.

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