MMHT National Retreat

The sixth National MMHT shibir successfully accomplished for all married men mahatmas (પરણિતભાઈઓની શિબિર) from Sep 26th to 29th, 2019 at beautiful Vraj Hindu Temple, PA hosted by North East MMHT. Married men mahatmas of all ages from various parts of the US attended in person. The main goal of this Shibir was to make progress on the path of celibacy together and get strength from “Sanghbal” of each other to conquer kashay and Vishay by Dada’s Akram Vignan.

This MMHT Shibir included very interesting topics based on interactive activity to walk on the path of deep dive or introspection (samayik). All mahatmas participated in different groups and interacted with each other during topic based acitivity. This activity was performed by playing short Bramcharya satsang clippings that were carefully selected by the Adalaj team for this purpose, followed by short topic based samayik. All mahatmas present in the shibir liked this novel approach of step by step samayik as it helped them to remain focused on the samayik topic and reached new depth of self analysis. Also, mahatmas showed strength by disclosing their “Kalpana Nu Maan” ( Maan Kashay arising purely by imagination or fantasy) when they shared their own experiences that they had visualized in the samayiks.

Attendees also enjoyed and participated in Vidhi, Aarti, Bhakti, Special choir bhakti, Yoga, Prabhat Feri around Yamunaji, Darshan at Temple, Giriraj Darshan and camp fire. It became a memorable event for all mahatmas when they enjoyed various nuts at the campfire together. The atmosphere became very sacred when all mahatmas participated in the special Moksh Garba, an improvisation over the traditional Garba. It was inspiring to witness an amazing spiritual ambience during breakfast, lunch, dinner, soda or ice-cream social wherein mahatmas bonded with other “sahadhyaayis” who shared the same goal of celibacy and create a sanghbal, to further their purusharth toward the goal of liberation.

All mahatmas also enjoyed outdoor activities such as volleyball, cricket and walking in the open space surrounded by mountains. Mahatmas also enjoyed watching two special dramas that were played in the shibir. They were performed by MBA Bhaios in Adalaj. Dramas provided very good learning to all mahatmas to remain in the present and underlined the importance of seva to progress in gnan.

During the final session of the shibir all mahatmas shared their thoughts. It was satisfying to know how much they all benefited by attending such an amazing shibir. They all unequivocally agreed that this shibir gave them lots of strength to follow Dada’s principle of Bramcharya. Many mahatmas departed from shibir and promised each other to again meet for the next National MMHT shibir..

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