WMHT Retreats of 2019

Purush thavano Purusharth

Every year WMHT retreats are held across North America. These couple of days away from home and work files provide women with a platform to do focused sadhna and improve the gnan dasha to stay more in awareness/jagriti. This year quite a few retreats took place in places such as Chicago, Houston, West Coast, Toronto, North East, etc.

A brief description of the North East and LA WMHT retreats are provided below:

LA WMHT Retreat

The WMHT retreat for the LA behnos took place sometime in September. A total of 35 behno had gathered at Ramilaben’s house in LA. A couple of the highlights of this retreat were the skits performed by eight different groups. The topics of these skits were Maan-Apmaan, Dharyu Karvu, Drashti dosh, Rakshan/Upranu, Irsha/Jealousy/Comparison and Superior-Inferior Kitty Party.

They also were able to have a zoom satsang with an Aptaputri ben from India and watched a DVD on Upranu and Ninda.

A three day gnan may retreat led to abhedtaa among fellow women mahatmas and those that don’t come regularly did a nishchay of regularly coming for the weekly behno satsangs.

North East WMHT Retreat

The WMHT 2019 North East Regional Retreat took place at the Vraj temple – away from the hustling and bustling of the city in the quiet small town of Schuylkill Haven in Pennsylvania.

The 3-day retreat from October 4th – October 6th was fully enjoyed by over 110 Behno from Boston, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.  

The Retreat focused on range of satsang activities which kept both young and old, new and veteran mahatmas engaged throughout the event. From following the normal activities such as body energizing morning Yoga/Zumba to soul energizing Charanvidhi, special DVDs, samayik and Garba, Behno also got to be free and silly during mix Antakshari and comedy drama performance. It wasn’t all fun and games though. Behno also helped in the temple’s common kitchen to prep next day’s food for regular attendees. Prakruti ne khare khar ghasi.

For many Behno, REAL bonus of attending the retreat was to be away from the daily files and be closer to self to dig deeper within. Mahatmas forgot about their home life all together. On the opposite spectrum, the Dharmshala type living quarters with up to 8 behnos sharing a room helped everyone adjust with different yet positive prakruti. Many took away some great adjusting lessons from this experience.

Experience sharing session particularly shed a light on how mahatmas lives have changed for the better just by asking questions to Gnani and getting right understanding that can be applied in daily life.

Oh…how can we forget about the (lack of) cell phone network? This was truly a blessing in disguise. Not having constant personal calls, messages and other social media distraction helped Behno greatly.

In short, the Retreat was just RIGHT.

Phir milenge? Looking forward to more Behno join 2020 Retreat.

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