North America Satsang Calendar

Note: Please note that this is Gujarati/Hindi Language Satsang Calendar.

Instructions: The steps listed below will add the calendar to your personal calendar.

We recommend using your normal desktop/laptop computer for this initial setup step. We also recommend having a Google account before you start.

Step 1: Click on "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom right corner of the calendar displayed below.

Step 2: Login into your Google account if prompted

Step 3: After you have logged in,

  1. Click Add when asked to add the calendar Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang.
  2. Verify that the calendar is added. It will be displayed on the left under the Other Calendars section.

Step 4: Setup calendar and your preferred notifications on your mobile device:

  1. iPhone/iPad users click here
  2. Android users click here

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Need Help? If you need help with your calendar setup, please contact your DQ (Data Quality) center representative or use the following: