A Protective Shield – Rakshabandhan in LA

On Aug 6th 2017, the hearts of the Mahatmas at Sanatan Temple, LA were filled with joy. Not only was that a Gnan-Vidhi day, but also the day when Mahatmas were going to witness Rakshabandhan celebration for the first time on the land of North America in the presence of Gnani.

More than 700 Mahatmas participated with enthusiasm in the celebration of Rakshabandhan. The celebration was preceded by Gnan-Vidhi.

Pujyashree, after tying rakhi to Simandhar Swami, Dada and Niruma, gave Mahatmas a special message.

Generally, it is the sister who ties rakhi to her brother. Here, we tie Rakhi to Lord simandhar Swami, Dada Bhagwan and Niruma and ask for their protection against Kashay and Vishay, until our liberation.

In spirituality, we tie rakhi to Simandhar Swami, so that He protects all living beings of this world, and that they may have the ultimate joy of being in His presence. We must have the intention that we attain salvation at the lotus feet of Sri Simandhar Swami. We ask for His protection, and that there may be no obstacles in our journey there.

When we tie a rakhi to Dada Bhagwan, we remember that he gave us Akram Vignan, He gave us the realization of our souls, and he gave us the five agnas. We ask for his protection, that we stay in the realization of our souls, and also, that we stay in Gnan and follow his agnas. We ask Him to shower us with his grace and blessings, and the strength to achieve liberation.

We tie a rakhi to Niruma and ask her for the strength, grace, and blessings, so that we may reach the stage of pure love.

We tie rakhis to the celestial beings, to protect us from company harmful to the progress of spirituality, to protect us on the path to liberation by removing all the obstacles in our path. Also, we pray to them to remove all the obstacles for all the living beings in this world, so that they may get this extraordinary gnan, and attain the lotus feet of Lord Simandhar Swami, and attain liberation.

Our intellect is one of our greatest enemies. We should pray to Dada to protect us from our intellect, and grace us so that we may not leave this ship on its way to liberation!

To leave this worldly life, and to get on the path to liberation is a very difficult accomplishment! We have this great gnan, and an inestimable Gnani, and his immeasurable protection on each and every Mahatma. When suffering or hardship befalls a mahatma, Dada’s protection is there for sure! We must stay at Dada’s feet and ask for his protection. Dada says, ‘if you ask, we will protect you!” But, if you say that you will take care of it on your own, and follow your own will and intellect, then, Dada will let you go. If we surrender to him entirely, and ask for his protection, then he will stay with us until we attain liberation. So today, on this day of Raksha Bandhan, we will take the opportunity to pray with dedication and devotion to Dada, and make the ultimate effort to reach ultimate liberation.

Keeping Pujyashree’s words in their hearts, Mahatmas tied rakhis to Swami, Dada and Niruma, and received darshan from Pujyashree.

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