Akram Lab Gurupurnima 2019


Dada Bhagwan, the scientist of Akram Vignan, made unique observations, including incidences, experiences, conclusions, and principles, pertaining to spiritual science. Akram Labs, a humble attempt of an interactive exploration showcasing some of Dada’s principles through scientific experiments was debuted at Houston GP2019. Many months of collaboration with the Adalaj team, a personal oversee from Adalaj Behnos and an innovative yet effective communication led to the foundation of the project.

Presenters, operators, online booking/Tech Support, Line Management, Feedback teams were pretty much created on the spot. Countless hours were spent to make a spectacular debut. Pujyashree visited the exhibit and provided his blessings to all the sevarthis. The exhibit was open in the morning, afternoon and evenings when there were no satsangs or major events. Sevarthis showed zeal to continue Dada’s mission and the seva was done with grace, passion and mutual respect.

On the first day itself all the shows were completely booked. The popularity of the Akram lab grew every day during Guru Purnima Event and the management team made the decision to open up for walk-ins as well. Many mahatmas showed interest in providing seva and the logistic team tried to fulfill their bhav. Approximately 1700 took advantage of the exhibit. Management made special provisions for international mahatmas such as providing translations for German and Brazil Mahatmas. On their way out they were eager to know when would the next part of the Akram lab be inaugurated. Many wanted to spend more time in the exhibit as they did not have enough chance to review all the material in their one and a half hour journey.

Sevarthis had lot of light moments during seva communication such as “હું ભ્રાંતિ માં છું; મારો ભરેલો માલ કોઈ લઇ જાવો” etc that put a smile on physically tired sevarthis. With blessings of Dada, Ma and Dev Devio the exhibit ended on July 16th with a comma that the journey of Akram lab will continue and we will see many concepts of Dada’s deep spiritual knowledge in scientific experiment display.