Center Spotlight: NYC - Past Present Future and Wish List!

Historical Background

Dada and Niruma used to visit New York in the 1980s and stayed at Mahatma Jayantbhai’s home. After Dadas passing, Niruma visited NY in June 2000 and Pujyashree visited in

September of the same year. The first Gnan Vidhi given by Niruma was in June 2000, in Staten Island, where 23 people took gnan. At this point, there was no formal satsang center in NY, but that did not stop Dada’s gnan from reaching more and more people. Between 2007 and 2013, satsangs were conducted in people’s homes, and thereafter, in either different temples or other day care centers. Since February 2017, satsangs have been held in the Nonsectarian Trimandir of NY in Plainview.

Current & Near Future Initiatives

The first goal and initiative was to establish a permanent satsang center. Tremendous energy and effort was spent to look for a permanent center to call their own where mahatmas could conduct satsang activities without any time-related restrictions. After extensive research, the Nonsectarian Trimandir of New York, a not-for-profit corporation was formed in November 2016 and donors were identified to purchase space for a permanent center.

However, before the details for purchasing a space could solidify, Vyavasthit intervened…in an unexpectedly positive way. A generous mahatma donated space, and after some remodeling and renovations, a permanent NY satsang center was established.

The second initiative was the purchasing of an Akram Rath. The reasoning behind this was the simple fact that the newly established center is 10 miles away from where many of the mahatmas reside. Therefore, a 15-seater bus was purchased in April of 2017, and since then, has added a level of comfort and conveneince for mahatmas.

The third initiative was the launching of the Daily Akram Sadhna on May 9, 2017. The impetus for this was the great emphasis put on daily sadhana by Aptaputra Sanjaybhai at the NY Trimandir in May 2017. It started with 2 NY mahatmas and has now grown to more than 200

mahatmas joining daily over the course of 300 days. This daily vidhi-vanchan,

satsang, and samayik takes place via Zoom everyday and is growing rapidly by word of mouth.

Future Goals

  • This one has actually already manifested on March 19th: the center’s own 3-Ft Swami
  • Dev Devios pratishta at new center
  • Putting together a marble mandir for new bhagwans
  • Opening our Dada Bhagwan center to the public
  • Participating in NY Parades and advertising the new center/mandir

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