Dada Bhagwan North America Satsang Calendar

Plan, Connect & Grow in Gnan without missing Satsang Events

This year with the help of a couple of mahatmas strong intent, Seva and with Dada’s grace, DBVI introduced Dada Bhagwan NorthAmerica Satsang/Sadhana Calendar to help Mahatmas get connected with the Satsang/Sadhna/Gnan without missing an event. This calendar helps solve the following purpose..

  • View and connect to all events and their details right from anywhere
  • Latest updated Satsang-Sadhna events based on your time-zone
  • Notification based on your personal preference(s)
  • Plan your schedule around Satsang-Sadhna events

Have you subscribed and set up a calendar on your mobile device? if not then ... Click here for instructions to get started!!!

See what Mahatmas say about this calendar

"Thank you, very helpful."
"It was super simple to add this to my calendar. Great way to get notifications as WhatsApp grps do get overwhelming sometimes. Thank you for taking this initiative. "
"Excellent job. I also downloaded google calendar widget and it is working fine with my all calendar. Thanks for providing us with an excellent tool to keep up with events in USA, while sitting in India. I need all events in IST so that I can plan my day. Great work. દાદાની કૃપા તમારા પર વરસી રહો. "
"Excellent function! Thank you! Jai Sachchidanand."
"Great idea!! What took you so long?? Keep up the good work."
"JSCA, This is simply awesome, I now don't need to manually input reminders or flip back and forth between emails/website to check when the Satsangs/ events are coming-up. Plz keep up such good work, your team is amazing. JSCA."
"Thank you, this is wonderful to get daily updates and to see the schedule at one glance. Sincere gratitude to the seva team!! Jsca!"
"This is extraordinary "