Dallas Center Journey

The DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Metroplex area is larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut states combined. Dallas center was blessed with Dadashri’s visit in 1986. He stayed in a “Welcome Inn” motel of Mahatma Ram Mohanbhai Patel. 

The Dallas center started in 1992 without regular mahatmas. Mahatma Chandrikaben had been told about Dadashri by her sister-in-law Sarlaben from London. 

Houston Mahatmas had brought Pujyashree to the Jain temple Dallas (1992) for satsang (the Dallas mahatmas will be eternally grateful to the Houston mahatmas who brought Pujyashree to Dallas and were the “Nimit” for the Dallas center). Shashibhai, Chandrikaben, their sons Vijay and Amar attended  the satsang. Houston mahatmas told them that Pujyashree needed a place to stay and a ride for the satsang in Dallas. Chandrikaben hosted everyone at their home and also helped with the ride to the satsang.

Next week, Niruma came and stayed at Chandrikaben’s home for satsangs at the Jain temple. After the satsang, one mumukshu from Jain temple visited their house to meet Niruben. After talking until midnight, he insisted that Niruma perform the Gnan Vidhi. Niruma performed the first Gnan Vidhi well after midnight, in Dallas.

One of the early struggles was that Dallas did not have core Dada mahatma(s) who had in depth knowledge. They were all new to Dada’s teachings. Mahatmas Kamalbhai and Kalpanaben who had taken Gnan from Dada helped started occasional gatherings and informal satsangs. In 1994 Narenedrabhai and Triveniben took gnan and joined the satsangs. In 1995 Rambhai and Anuben joined satsangs and these four families became the core group that kept the satsangs going on a weekly basis. They had a lot of support from mahatmas from Houston and Topeka, Kansas. These dedicated core mahatmas are one of the reasons for the growing Dallas parivar today.

In the early 2000’s, the Dallas Parivar family started growing with the advent of TV programs and availability of VCD and other media. Niruma and Pujyashree would visit yearly. Narendrabhai, Triveniben, Rambhai, Anuben, Shashibhai, Chandrikaben and Archarya family continuously worked to invite mahatmas and encouraged everyone to attend satsangs.

Dallas center been blessed to date with younger mahatmas who have and continue to contribute to the countless ideas, use of innovative technology, project development, operation and management of the globally growing need of Dada Bhagwan Vignan Institute, USA and Dada Bhagwan Foundation, India. They have become national and international leaders in promoting the growth of the Dada parivar.

Some of the Highlights of Dallas Parivar:

  • The center was fortunate to assist Aptaputra Sanjaybhai, in his efforts to have Dada on the DoorDarshan TV on all channels throughout India and Sony TV Channel for viewers across the globe. Dallas sevarthis worked tirelessly in India and USA to make that happen.
  • YMHTs from Dallas travelled with Niruma and later with Pujyashree to all cities in North America for AV setup and recordings, and now have continued this seva in South America too.
  • Major contributions in the development, implementation, streamlining and operation of the Event Registration System, Toll free call system for all centers in North America
  • In 1997, over 100 people attended Niruma’s satsang and 70 took Gnan at Narendrabhai and Triveniben’s home 
  • Niruma’s first four-day shibir in Dallas was held at the Hindu Temple in 1998, during which over 250 mahatmas and mumukshu from the USA attended the event. 
  •  In 1999-2000, the first three-day North American Youth Shibir was held in Dallas with Niruma, Dimplebhai, and Dr. Anupbhai. 
  •  In 2006, Pujyashree’s first satsang and Gnanvidhi took place in Surati Hall in Arlington.
  • Since 2008, Hindu temple has been the venue for Pujyashree’s satsang and last year’s attendance was 500 mahatmas and mumukshu combined.
  • Dallas Center hosted Pujya Dada’s GP in 2012.

During an informal conversation in Dallas, Pujya Niruma/Pujyashree had once said: “Dallas will be a Big Center” and today, we all see that those words have come true.

We are blessed to have Pujyashree and Aptputra regularly visit the DFW Metroplex. While many mahatmas have taken gnan over the years, currently there are about 70-80 Mahatmas that are dedicated and are a part of the regular DFW Mahatmas core group, who meet for satsangs on a regular basis. Over the years, we have been celebrating yearly regional shibirs in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and the Lubbock area. We look forward to the growth of the Dallas Center with the support of all the mahatmas and the current center sevak team.