JJ 111 Fever: Fueling Ideas for a Magnificent Occasion

The theme for Dada’s 111th Janma Jayanti is ONE for 111. This theme is unique in that it symbolizes Abhedata, meaning, oneness. Abhedata is an integral component to the science of  Akram Vignan, because it is the thread that connects us all and unites us as ONE entity on our mission of Jagat Kalyan. Since the past few months, all the centers across North America have been quite busy in planning and preparing for this grand celebration. Here’s a glimpse of what has been done thus far:

  • International Parade Ideation Workshops to represent heterogeneous, multicultural diversity from all aspects from 5 different continents. We have had 18 successful Parade Ideation Workshops within last 2 months from the east to west coast – from Toronto to LA!
  • International Dome Ideation Workshops to collectively showcase unique attributes of Jagat Kalyan within North America.
  • Crafts & Connect workshops in which people gathered with ideas and concepts for possible mementos and gifts to be given before, during or after the grand celebration to everyone in attendance. All you need is a craft idea to be part of this committee!

One for 111. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity and come join the celebration in

Simandhar City in November 2018. Don’t forget to fill out the Simandhar City Arrival Form

if you are planning to join in this grand celebration!

Check out the videos below taken on spot by our crew