Niruma History Project

Niruma History Project is started with blessings from Pujyashree Deepakbhai in an effort to capture and centrally archive memories of Niruma’s life journey to instill the value of Gnani for the generations to come to foster Jagat Kalayan. Over the past few decades between the 1980's and 2000’s, Niruma visited North America several times, touching the hearts of many mahatma and leaving fond memories. Specifically, we would like to capture enriching experiences with Niruma that you have had, witnessing her gnan dasha, adjustments, struggles, vyavhar, prem, darshan, khatpat, krupa, management style, and fearlessness. Don’t forget about any Jatra experiences. If you have had such memories with Niruma, we want you to reminisce on those and share with us. Within the scope of this project, we would also like to capture similar experiences you may have had with Dada and Deepakbhai. To share your experience, contact your local Akram Times Reporters at for further guidance.