Sammet Sikhar Jatra Experiences

Mahatma Experience - Sangitaben Desai

Every moment with Pujyashri is a joyful experience. Having experienced that, the opportunity of Jarta with Pujysahri is like winning a jackpot. As soon as I knew I was chosen for Jarta, I wasted no time in booking tickets and preparing for the journey from Jacksonville to India. I conditioned my physique to endure the challenge on the terrain as well. The day before the climb on Samet-Shikhar, we attended the Gyan vidhi. Pujyashri stressed the importance of Bhomiaji’s darshan before the climb. The journey started early in the morning with Bhomiaji’s darshan and took three hours and forty minutes to reach the top, while graciously chanting “Hu Anant Shakti Valo chu”. We were very pleased to have Pujyashri’s darshan there. I did various “Tuk” each day. I was speechless with the preparation of the journey by the volunteer mahatmas. The heart fills with emotion thinking about the extent of seva they performed for us all the way. There is an innate experience of bliss in that divine location in the presence of Pujyashri. In the midst of intense spiritual vibration the relative worldly matters become oblivious. There are Apt Putras, Apt Putris, mahatmas all around you all day long. There is a lasting experience of being uplifted. The journey has ended and I am yearning for another one.

Mahatma Experience - Anjaliben

I was very lucky to attend Samed-Shikhar Jatra with 3000 Mahatmas and Pujyashri. We travelled by train and bus to reach Rajgir. Along with Pujyashri we visited the famous Stupa there. I was very blessed to visit Bhagwan Mahavir Kshetra. Lucchahvad - This is Bhagwan Mahavir’s birth place, Rijuvalika is where Bhagwan attained Keval Gyan and Pava puri - where Bhagwan took final liberation. Then followed the visit to Shikharji. After doing darshan of Bhomiyaji - the protecting deity of pilgrims, we ascended on the hill. The path is scenic and air filled with devotion and holiness. Mahatmas got Satsang with Pujyashri at the beautiful Gautam Swami Tuk. Sammed Shikharji is the place where 20 Tirthankaras have attained salvation. This place is very vibrant and touches your inner self.. It takes you steps ahead in Dada’s gyan. You have to experience it yourself. I am very thankful to all the sevarathis for incredible management and arrangement. Indeed Yatra with Mahatmas and Pujyashree is a unique experience, ever inspiring to be on the path of self realization.

Mahatma Experience - Bhaveshbhai Parekh

This was our first Jatra experience with Pujyashri, Aptaputras, Aptaputris and all mahatmas. It was the most memorable trip filled with the adventure of hiking 4500 feet above to Samet Sikharji mountain. One of the great experiences was to ride in a private Akram train full of mahatmas from Mumbai to Gaya. The journey was about 48 hours full of laughs, Bhakti, Vidhi, Garba along the way. The centre of attraction was daily Pujyashri Satsang throughout the Jatra. We were amazed to see round the clock seva by all coordinators doing best arrangements of lodging, meals, train, bus for mahatmas. We visited many pilgrimage places in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand including Lachhawad- Mahavir Bhagwan’s birth place, Rujuvalika where Mahavir Bhagwan attained Keval gnan and Pavapuri where Bhagwan attained final liberation and went to moksha from there. We climbed to Samat Sikhar mountain in the last phase of the Jatra which has a height of about 4500 feet. The 20 tirthankar lords have attained liberation from this holy place. We also visited the ancient university of Nalanda. We would cherish this Jatra for the rest of our lives and encourage all mahatmas to not miss any future Jatra opportunities with Pujyashri and mahatmas.