Virtual Graduations 2020


It is with great excitement that local and regional centers across North America celebrated virtual graduations for their fellow graduates. Graduates from Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies and other special programs, such as Medical School, all joined in to witness a creative, on-screen celebration. Centers included commencement speeches, virtual card displays, motivational music and songs and slideshows representing the graduates as part of their celebrations. Houston, Chicago, NJ/PA, MD/VA, NY, Boston are only among some of the many centers who will be celebrating this memorable moment. For example, the Northeast region combined forces to proudly celebrate 18 graduates from all walks of life. We commend all the graduating classes of 2020 and wish them the very best in their personal and spiritual adventures. May Swami, Dada and Niruma bless them to be vital nimits for Jagat Kalyan!